Daenerys Targaryen/ Khaleesi Custom 1:1 (LifeSize Bust) UPDATE!!!!

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Quick update on our Mother Of all Dragon Custom LifeSize Bust.

Still a work in progress.. Comes with a very detailed base.


Deadpool 1/4 scale custom statue Completed!!!!!

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Presenting followers..

This is DEADPOOL!!! In all 1/4 scale glory.

Meticulously hand painted to bring you The Merc with the Mouth.


Update !!! Custom Half Scale Reeve Superman

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Another update guys!! We are still doing our very best to give this Man/Persona as perfect as possible..  Just another update Teaser 😀😀 


Custom 1/4 Scale Deadpool Statue

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We have now completed this amazing limited 1/4 Custom statue of Deadpool.

Stay tuned for the Painted prototype



Update on Reeve 1/2 statue

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Dragon Mother LifeSize Bust

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Coming very very soon!!!! 


Update on Superman Statue!!!!

•September 7, 2015 • Leave a Comment

things are looking good.. We’re happy with the head sculpt now and now almost perfecting the pose and the body structure.. Once completed we are off to Supes Costume. Yep! This will have real clothing costume up to Supes Boots. 

Stay TUNED!!