Art Department Props and Sculpt

Art Department specializes in casting and molding sets and props for several movies as well as for retail and commercial displays producing 3D signages, life-sized models and cartoon characters for clients such as Toy Kingdom, Cartoon Network and Zirkoh Comedy Bars ( The PHILIPPINES)

Art Department can provide a complete package: construction, painting, delivery and installation regardless of your size and scope of production.

Art Department
is a full service production design resource, ready and eager to work with the best minds in the entertainment, advertising and commercial industry… eager to create a masterpiece..


or call  if in Australia 0438 842 221


4 Responses to “ART DEPARTMENT”

  1. welcome to wordpress!

  2. Beautiful sculptures. Anyone can create a movie sculpture but it takes a true artistic eye for capturing ‘that’ specific pose from a movie frame.
    Having said that, I know this has been done to death before, but any chance you can create a T-800 Arnold bust especially the movie poster head shot with the gargoyle shade?

  3. Hey guys. Great news your at it again! Flawless peices. May I ask if you have a price for the superman sculpt & also for angelina tomb raider 1/2 scale with shipping please? Do you ship from within AU? My postcode is 4503, Brisbane.
    Thank you.

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