“I am a big Wonder Woman collector and I just received my statue. It is AMAZING. The quality and sculpt of this bust rivals items produced by DC Direct.

If anyone is considering buying this item and has reservations, please take my word for it… you will NOT regret adding this to your collection.

I am 10000% happy with my purchase of this item and cannot wait until ART DEPARTMENT’s next Wonder Woman project.”

Kyall Coulton , Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA


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“I just received my Alex Ross inspired Wonder Woman bust and have to say im more than happy with it! Its a truly amazing piece! After many weeks of collaboration with the guys at Art Department and a bunch of Wonder Woman fans, this bust was the result!

Although i preferred the original version of the face this final sculpt is beautiful too! In all honesty, she looks much much better in real life than she does in the photos.

The bust measures approximately 15inches all up, including the custom Justice League base! So she is BIG and solid! This is not a tiny 5-6 inch DC Direct bust and its as good as any DC Direct or Bowen bust can put out!

Her skin is tanned and has been painted with translucent paints to give realistic flesh tones including skin wrinkles. The detail and size of it is fantastic! The detail in the hair is very intricate and the breastplate is very nicely done!! The eyes are glass and she also has real eyelashes. Even her earrings are translucent and look like they are made of glass.

This is a professional quality statue! I would recommend it to any collector wanting a unique piece – and Art Department only make 25 of these!

If you aren’t a Wonder Woman fan check out Art Departments other work… get together with some friends and split the cost of getting one of your favourite characters made into one of these great sculpts! This is a great piece and I’m really happy that the guys decided to go ahead with it!”


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~ by Stoned Down Under on September 9, 2010.

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