1/2 Scale AKUMA

Presenting Art Department’s Props and Sculpts Original Custom AKUMA/SHIN AKUMA Half Scale Statue.

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The Statue:
– This (statue) statue is 1:2 scale, which make it :

Approximate size is 42 inches tall on base x24” W x 15 D

– The statue is made of hollow  but durable fiberglass material.

-Multi layering skin transluscent and  automotive skin  paint system for realistic skin painting

2 Versions of this statue

Akuma And Shin Akuma

Comes with oversized necklace beads and fabric costume with silk screene KANJI  at the back.

LED lighted eyes and base..

– Edition size will be 40.

If you would like to know more just  email us on:


Thanks for Looking

The ART DEPARTMENT Props and Sculpts


11 Responses to “1/2 Scale AKUMA”

  1. Hey! Why you don’t create a twitter to let us follow our new entries?

  2. Looks good What’s the price for Shin Akuma

  3. Amazing! I like the details on the Akumas, how long did this take you, and did you just make two?

    Truly amazing, I now wish I can make one.

  4. Wow! First class man. Very impressed with the work here. Paint is just perfect sculpt is top shelf, one critique (being a huge fanboy) the beads swallow his head and cover too much of the amazing work on the neck. Scale them down a couple inches in diameter imo. i made a 1/6 scale Seth with the tanden engine being animated with a small motor, check it out on YouTube, sf4 Seth sculpt, again just great stuff guys. *tips hat*

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  6. Hi i was wondering how much is it for one of your statues 🙂 am a big fan of akuma i liked shin akuma but am looking for the original the one that has blue shirt and orange hair thats the one am intrested of let me now ass soon as posible thanks!!!

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  8. hi could you email me a price on the 1/2 Scale AKUMA
    with postage cost to the united kingdom

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