Custom Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

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” I am Diana of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons ”

Presenting Art Department’s CUSTOM MADE 1/2 scale Diana (Gal Gadot) – Training costume.

Traditionally Hand sculpted!

Will have an edition of ONLY 50 pcs.

Special Pre Order price!!!!

First 25 Units will have a special price of US$550 -(PayPal fees and Postage NOT INCLUDED)

Will be numbered and will come with Certificate.

Edition 26-50 will be priced at US$650- (PayPal fees and Postage NOT INCLUDED)

Will be numbered but DOES NOT COME with Certificate.

To be in the first 25, initial deposit is US$262 ( US$12 is for PayPal fees)

The statue:

Wonder woman 16″ x 9 ” w x 12″ 


Glass eyes with lashes 

Fiber reinforced resin 

Lighted gauntlets


Custom 1/4 Scale Christopher Reeve Superman

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Open for Pre order!!!!

Special Promo!!

Since it’s the 40th Anniversary since The first Superman movie appeared on Big screen (1978)

First 40 pcs – special pre order price of US$600 (PayPal fee not included)

Includes Certificate .

The statue will have an edition size of 100 pcs .

Please note : ONLY THE FIRST 40 Will have a Certificate.

41-100 will be regular but numbered.

To secure a spot!

initial deposit is US$262 ( US$12 is for PayPal fees)

PayPal fee and Postage not included .

Once we completed the first 30 pcs

Out regular price will be US$750

Postage and PayPal fee of 4.5% IS NOT INCLUDED

Celebrating 40th year since the first Superman Movie was Release!

This will have 100 Edition Run!!!!

Presenting Art Department’s Custom 1/4 Scale of SUPERMAN.

The Real Man of Steel Christopher Reeve!

Over 2 years in the making! Traditionally Hand sculpted !

Standing at 21 inches on elegant Film Canister Base.

7 inches in Depth and 9 inches in Width.

Realistic paint application and with Real Fabric Clothing.

Choice of Royal and Aqua Blue Fabric clothing.

Please note that pictures presented are still

Subject for improvement , especially the Iconic “S” insignia.

1/4 Custom C Reeve Superman Statue – PREVIEW

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Here you go Super Fan!

Just want to tease you guys a little bit on our Custom 1/4 Reeve Statue .. The one who really made us believe that a Man could really Fly.

Message us for more info and availability.

Christopher Reeve Superman 1/4 scale full statue. Custom made!!

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Get ready SUPERFAN!

heres a preview of our upcoming Chris Reeve, The one and only Superman!

1/4 Scale full statue!

inquire now !!!’

Custom 1/6 The Phantom: The Ghost Who Walks

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Phantom Phans rejoice!!

Presenting our Custom 1/6 Articulated Phantom figure.

Only 10 pcs will be available .

Set includes :

Articulated Phantom Figure with accessories

2 handguns

1 Bowie Knife

2 sets of hands with Phantom Rings

Devil the Mountain wolf

Skull Throne

Most are made from scratch.. original Head Sculpt, tailored Suit, Boots , Devil, Throne.

Quality Muscular 1/6 Body was used.

only few left!!!

eta JUNE/July

Delayed!!!!!Mother of dragon 

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Hi folks.. Just to give you a heads up production of MOD has been delayed. We want to make sure that we can presented her to you in her Bestest Glory.  We thanks you for your patience 

Daenerys Dragon Mother 1:1 Scale CUSTOM Busy

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After a long wait! Tweaking sculpt, painting and all things needed to have our Dragon Mother look perfect.

Life size Custom Bust.