1:1 Bust Henry Cavill MOSo

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We’re already test painting out next project.

MOS Cavill LifeSize Bust ..

Here’s a teaser for you super people!!


Coming soon!!!!!!!

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Coming Soon!!!

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Custom Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

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” I am Diana of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons ”

Presenting Art Department’s CUSTOM MADE 1/2 scale Diana (Gal Gadot) – Training costume.

Traditionally Hand sculpted!

Will have an edition of ONLY 50 pcs.

Price is US$625 ( PayPal fee included)

POSTAGE NOT INCLUDED!!! – will varies from country to country .

The statue:

Wonder woman 16″ x 9 ” w x 12″ 


Glass eyes with lashes 

Fiber reinforced resin 

Lighted gauntlets


Custom 1/4 Scale Christopher Reeve Superman

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Open for Pre order!!!!

Special Promo!!

Since it’s the 40th Anniversary since The first Superman movie appeared on Big screen (1978)

First 40 pcs – special pre order price of US$600 (PayPal fee not included)

Includes Certificate .

The statue will have an edition size of 100 pcs .

Please note : ONLY THE FIRST 40 Will have a Certificate.

41-100 will be regular but numbered.

To secure a spot!

initial deposit is US$262 ( US$12 is for PayPal fees)

PayPal fee and Postage not included .

Once we completed the first 30 pcs

Out regular price will be US$750

Postage and PayPal fee of 4.5% IS NOT INCLUDED

Celebrating 40th year since the first Superman Movie was Release!

This will have 100 Edition Run!!!!

Presenting Art Department’s Custom 1/4 Scale of SUPERMAN.

The Real Man of Steel Christopher Reeve!

Over 2 years in the making! Traditionally Hand sculpted !

Standing at 21 inches on elegant Film Canister Base.

7 inches in Depth and 9 inches in Width.

Realistic paint application and with Real Fabric Clothing.

Choice of Royal and Aqua Blue Fabric clothing.

Please note that pictures presented are still

Subject for improvement , especially the Iconic “S” insignia.

1/4 Custom C Reeve Superman Statue – PREVIEW

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Here you go Super Fan!

Just want to tease you guys a little bit on our Custom 1/4 Reeve Statue .. The one who really made us believe that a Man could really Fly.

Message us for more info and availability.

Christopher Reeve Superman 1/4 scale full statue. Custom made!!

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Get ready SUPERFAN!

heres a preview of our upcoming Chris Reeve, The one and only Superman!

1/4 Scale full statue!

inquire now !!!’